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8-8-19: Unfortunately my web host has been having serious technical problems for many months, and as a result my site and others they host have frequently been completely offline or partially inaccessible, often for extended periods. That may mean hours, days or longer.
There have been other server issues which mangled my site design and crippled functionality.
If service does not improve I may be forced to change hosts. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Site Content

Certain sections of this site may contain mild depictions of violence, nudity, or adult language.
Parental discretion advised.

Site Privacy & Security

This site does not use visitor tracking elements, such as web cookies. You will find no malware here either.
But if you do, please contact me immediately, because it means my site has been hacked and malicious content covertly implanted.
If you're using Privacy Badger, you may notice a moderate privacy alert pertaining to or That is due to my site page style calling on Google fonts library. According to Google Faqs: "Use of Google Fonts is unauthenticated. No cookies are sent by website visitors to the Google Fonts API. Requests to the Google Fonts API are made to resource-specific domains, such as or, so that your requests for fonts are separate from and do not contain any credentials you send to while using other Google services that are authenticated, such as Gmail."
Some privacy advocates have expressed concern this practice may enable Google to track their browsing activity if using Chrome or MS Edge. I can't verify nor dispute those claims, and I do highly recommend site visitors use Firefox instead. Not for that specific reason, but for the fact my site layout isn't compatible with Chrome or Edge.
In the future I may install fonts directly on my site servers, to further reduce any potential Google font-associated privacy risk.

Site Links & Ad Revenue

Twilight Blue is currently a free, personal, non-commercial domain. We have no ad sponsors, and receive $0.00 in ad/click revenue. Links are posted purely for educational or entertainment value, and should lead to safe, reputable, spam free websites and on-topic articles.

Copyright Complaints

For DMCA takedown notification, please use the Contact Page to email directly.
Your complaint will be promptly addressed.

Site Browser & Device Compatibility

My site isn't very mobile friendly. Fairly high bandwidth consumption and general site layout isn't geared toward mobile users.
Chrome: My site isn't Chrome compatible. Chrome seems to have considerable difficulty processing web animations, embedded audio and video, scripts, flash elements, and so on.
Chrome users may experience a lot of lag here, due to high cpu usage.
Internet Explorer: Some site page features do not function properly with IE. Layout, web animations, etc.
Edge: Media players or audio streaming may not function properly with Microsoft Edge.
I strongly recommend Firefox for a smoother ride, or try another browser.

Technical Problems

Our site may periodically experience technical issues, such as outages, or site pages fail to properly load. That's probably because my web host is having server isssues, and may be performing server maintenance, and occasionally web hosts are subject to DDoS attacks. Unfortunately those problems are out of my control, but will be investigated and hopefully quickly resolved.

Site Participation - Chat Room

Currently no part of twilight blue offers user registration, subscription or membership service, other than the chat room. Chat access is only possible when and if registration is Site Admin approved. Guest access feature is closed, and currently registration by unknown parties will not be approved.

Digital Art

Some Gallery images were created by me, Twilight Blue webmaster. The only tools I used to produce them were a cheap laptop, GIMP, and a mouse. My basic technique was to first create my own custom textures, then apply them to a blank canvas using Gimp's clone stamp tool. Since I'm not a professional photographer, the partially nude figure in "Red Witch" came from MJ Ranum

Flash Games - Security Concerns & Offline Play

Adobe Flash Player is well-known for vulnerabilities, which have been exploited to run/install malware.
I'm no expert on the subject, but it's important to keep the add-on updated, and don't run or download swf files hosted on suspicious or disreputable sites.

If you play the games on my site, and you're prompted to allow, or a third party website, to store data on your computer, just click DENY and continue. Unless you're building a castle in Crush the Castle II, in which case it may be best to allow the game extra storage access, to save your building progress.

Other than that, it isn't necessary to allow storage access on your system to play any of the games on my site. Your browser should have adequate memory to play most flash games online.

The "" request is due to game devs adding code designed for analytics & marketing purposes. More info here. That company now appears to be defunct, with zombie servers, but the code may still be used for dubious purposes, so I will probably remove any game that contains the Mochibot code.
In the meantime, please Deny access to

My website has nothing to do with the data storage aspect. I have no access to, nor control over, whatever data is transferred.
It's probably just harmless game cache, such as saving your game progress, but I have no idea what specific type data would be transferred between the game and your computer, or what it might be used for.

Embedded Game Links and Ads: If you click any link contained in the games, you do so at your own risk.
I won't accept any responsibility for third party sites and content. But if you find any suspicious links in the games, please contact me so I can take a look. I will remove any game containing malicious links or code.

Playing Games Locally / Offline on Desktop: You can generally do so with your browser, if you have flash player/projector installed.
R-click on the swf file and select 'open with' your browser.
IE still runs SWF files locally, but that option is disabled in newer versions of Firefox. Go here for instructions on running flash games in Firefox.
Other options for playing flash games on your PC are posted Here

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